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CCOMC Membership

CCOMC Membership

Membership in the CCOMC Cooperative Research Program provides many benefits to participating companies. These include:

  • 1. Opportunity to co-design, co-develop and co-manage the CCOMC research program
  • 2. A voice in selection of the research projects through membership in the IAB and the direction of a major ceramic science and engineering research program
  • 3. An opportunity to allocate their membership funding to support the research program area(s) most relevant to their company interests
  • 4. Interaction with the broad knowledge base of participating faculty
  • 5. Access to a broad range of ceramic research for a small percentage of the total cost
  • 6. An option for a royalty-free, non-exclusive license to patents and other intellectual property resulting from the Center’s precompetitive research program
  • 7. An opportunity to send a visiting scientist to work at the Center
  • 8. Access to the Center for technical questions, occasional technical services and separately funded research projects
  • 9. Contact with graduate and undergraduate students for recruiting purposes.

Semiannual meetings are held to review projects, select new projects and conduct the policy-making business of the Center. An annual, comprehensive progress report on the Center’s projects is sent to Member Companies prior to the spring IAB meeting. An abbreviated technical report is furnished prior to the fall IAB meeting. These reports are furnished in the form of CDs to facilitate the flow of information throughout the Center member organizations. CCOMC has fostered collaborations with both industry and government. These relationships steer the Center in selecting, directing and executing industrially relevant. One-on-one research project opportunities are also available to members and offer an effective means to leverage the core generic research results to evolve product opportunities. Contact Rich Haber if you have further questions regarding participation with the CCOMC.

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